For 2022, DFW Fiber Fest will be held from Thursday, September 22, through Sunday, September 25.

Prior to registration, we suggest that you download this PDF file (2022 Planning Sheet) and use it to help you plan your weekend. You should also download the FAQ, which covers most, but not all, questions that may come up during registration with the new system.

Do you just want to come shop the vendor hall? Do you not want to take any of the available classes? Registration is only required if you want to take a class. Registration is not required for General Admission attendees. Just come to the Irving Convention Center any day the vendor hall is open—Friday, Saturday and Sunday—and pay at the door!

Class Fees

3-hour Class: $75 + materials fees
6-hour Class: $150 + materials fees

Registration Instructions

You can only register for one person at a time. Each registrant must have a separate e-mail address.

Registering for someone other than yourself

If you are unable to be available to register yourself on May 21, 2022, we recommend you consider having someone register for you. Every person taking classes must be registered separately. One registration per person. If you are registering for another person, be sure you have all of their contact information. You must register the person using their e-mail address.

While this is not ideal, if the person you are registering for does not have an e-mail address (and you do not have an extra e-mail address that can be used for them), you may use your own e-mail address for the second registration. If you have already registered for yourself with your e-mail address, you will be asked if you want to start a new registration. Click on “Start a new registration” and proceed to enter the new name, address and phone number. Ignore the e-mail message you will receive from CVent about “continuing your registration.”

Note that if you use your own e-mail address for somebody else’s registration, you will receive all future notifications related to that person’s registration. We will rely on you to pass along the information to the other person.

Changes and additions to your registration

No changes, class additions, exchanges or cancellations can be done online through the registration process. Please send e-mail to Your change or class addition will be handled ASAP. A fee may be charged for changes or cancellations.


If the class you want is full and you still want the class, fill out the online Waitlist Form and submit it. You will be placed on the waitlist in the order that your form is received and will be notified if an opening becomes available. You will have 2 days to respond before we move on to the next person.

Registration Confirmation

When your registration is completed you will be e-mailed a registration confirmation. You must read and save this confirmation that is e-mailed to you. It contains a link to your registration record and payment as well as class homework and other important information. Let us know if you do not receive this e-mailed confirmation.

Refund Policy

We understand that life happens and you may have to cancel your classes prior to the event. Classes may be cancelled until Monday, August 29, 2022, for a refund of all class and materials fees* minus a $25 administration fee. After August 29, 2022, the teachers’ class count minimums are set and we will not be able to refund class fees.

* Materials fees are fully refundable for all classes with the exception of any class where materials have been mailed to the students ahead of time.

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