September 22–25, 2022
Irving Convention Center
Irving, TX

Friday Night Event

Gregory Stitch!

Friday, September 23, 2022
(Ticket sales for this event go live in late August)

Gregory Stitch: “Create the things you wished existed.”

Meet our Friday night event speaker and social media guest star for DFW Fiber Fest: Thomas Gregory Hamilton!

Better known as Gregory Stitch, Thomas is an incredible crochet designer who found his love of crochet here in DFW and now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. His outlook on life is bright and his incredible designs are just breathtaking.

Besides our Friday night event, you'll be able to see Gregory Stitch throughout the weekend in our vendor hall—visiting with our vendors and attendees and finding ways to “Go Live!” to let everyone know what fun DFW Fiber Fest is!

Keep an eye out for our announcement for ticket sales for our Friday night event closer to the middle to end of August.

The Tale of Gregory Stitch

Thomas Gregory Hamilton is an Atlanta native. From a very young age he has always shown an interest in fashion. Like any fashion enthusiast, he Indulged into this world by researching and studying designers such as Versace, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Roberto Cavali, and his all-time favorite, Balmain. He admired how each brand told a story with clothes in their own way.

Stitch put his passion for fashion on hold for years to pursue his dance career. It wasn’t until 2011 when his mother, Linda Marie Truitt, passed that he discovered the art of crochet. It became a means of therapy to help deal with his loss. Soon Gregory began making and selling scarves and hats. From scarves and hats to making hoodies, sweaters, suits, and dresses. In February 2017, Gregory Stitch had the honor to debut a collection in New York at New York Fashion Week! This past January, Gregory served as a mentor and a designer for the Kaleidoscope Fashion Show by Vogue Knitting live. There he debuted his latest collection, Kang/Chris, which went on to be featured in both Vogue Knitting and Crochet Now magazines. The future is still waiting to be stitched.

DFW Fiber Fest’s Covid-Related Requirements

Vendor Hall

At this time, we will not be requiring proof of vaccination or masks for entry to our vendor hall. We do encourage the use of masks for those of you shopping and gathering in our vendor hall. Attendees assume their own risk for coming to the event.

Classroom Requirements

For our classroom level, we will have mandatory proof of vaccination and masking requirements for DFW Fiber Fest participants—students, teachers, and volunteers. (Note that we are not the only group that will be holding meetings and classes on the classroom level of the Irving Convention Center and DFW Fiber Fest has no control over those participants.)

Please understand that we have had the entirety of our community members and their health in mind as we have made these decisions throughout this year of planning. It is not our wish to exclude anyone, but we believe that we are making the best, safest decisions based on the information and guidelines provided to us via the CDC and our medical advisors for our teachers, our students, and our community under less-than-ideal circumstances.

Proof of vaccination (either paper cards or an electronic version) will be required to be presented at the time students pick up their bags and name tags at the registration desk.

Masks must be worn over mouth and nose for the entirety of class. Students or teachers needing a break are welcome to step out onto the balcony on the classroom level for some fresh air.

Thank you for understanding that we are doing our best with what we have. If you aren’t vaccinated or cannot wear a mask (and we understand there are valid reasons for different needs and decisions in both cases), we hope that we’ll be able to see your faces in class in 2023!

If you have comments/questions about either of these policies, please direct them to