April 2016 begins with the 11th annual DFW Fiber Fest.  While last year our focus was on bringing back many who had joined us in the past, this year just a couple of returning teachers will be those that we know you have been anxious to have in DFW.  Our Headliners this year will be Susan B. Anderson, Lorilee Beltman, Abby Franquemont, Sivia Harding, Romi Hill, Laura Nelkin and the Shibaguyz — Jason and Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby.

Vendor Hall hours:
9:00am-6:00pm Friday, April 1
9:00am-6:00pm Saturday, April 2
10:00am-4:00pm Sunday, April 3

Teaching selected classes, we will also be featuring Molly Andries, Mary Berry, Leef Bloomenstiel, Joanne Conklin, Judy Crouch, Charlotte DesRoches, Sonja Hartley, Yohannah Klingensmith, Kelli Ladwig, Ashley Leither, Darlene Megli, Lisa Smith and Misty Urech.

Our Annual Friday Night Event will feature Sivia Harding’s talk on “Mending Through the Ages.”  We hope many of you will join us at 7pm at the Marriott Hotel for this fun and informative evening.  Tickets for this evening will go on sale approximately one month before the event, and will not be available during registration.

Morning classes are held from 9:30 to 12:30 and afternoon classes from 2:00 to 5:00.

Click on a class name below to see a class description.
Featured Teachers are backed with pale red; grey-backed classes are sold out.
(K) = Knitting   (C) = Crochet   (S) = Spinning   (W) = Weaving   (O) = Other

Friday Morning Friday Afternoon Saturday Morning Saturday Afternoon Sunday Morning Sunday Afternoon
Susan B Anderson (K) Fair Isle Hat (K) Build a Toy Workshop (K) Egg to Owl:  Topsy-Turvy Toys Made Simple (K) Three Wee Sheep (K) Sock Yarn Dragon Toy (K) Little Owl Workshop
Lorilee Beltman (K) Professional- Looking Cuffs (K) Pick Your Knits and Purls (K) Socks
with Colors
that Climb
(K) Vertically Stranded Colorwork Primer (K) Memorize Kitchener Stitch (K) Pick Your Knits and Purls
Abby Franquemont (S) Prep Matters (S) Spindles for Knitters (W) Introduction to Andean Backstrap Weaving (S) Spinning for a Project (S) Wheel Mechanics
Sivia Harding (K) Moebius and the
Mysterious Stitch Mirror
(K) Rainshadow Scarf (K) Fluency Fingerless Gloves (K) Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl (K) Moonrise Necklace
Romi Hill (K) Beginning Lace Knitting (K) Shapely Shawls (K) Lace Surgery (K/C) Intro to Knitting and Crocheting with Wire (K) Calliope's Odyssey (K) A Touch of Lace
Laura Nelkin (K) Cowl Design (K) Beading 101 (K) Laden:
An Exploration of Reversible Cables (more)
(K) Knitting Shawls with Beads (K) Knitting Jewelry (K) Adornments:  Making Beaded Ornaments
The Shibaguyz (K/C) The OH! of Math (C) Crochet Cables to Astound and Amaze (K/C) Design It!  Custom-Designed Garment from
Start to Finish
(C) Couture Crochet Finishing (C) Motif Madness
Local & Regional Teachers (O) Fleece to Yarn to Project
Darlene Megli
(O) Stitch and Click:  Photo Your Fibers
Jason Mullet-Bowlsby
(S) Spinning Mohair Curls for an Artsy Effect
Mary Berry
It's Art Felt!
Mary Berry
Locker Hooking
Judy Crouch
(O) Stitch and Click:  Photo Your Fibers
Jason Mullet-Bowlsby
Local & Regional Teachers (K) Intarsia for Beginners
Joanne Conklin
(W) Rigid Heddle / Cricket Pick-up Stick
Yohannah Klingensmith
(C) Post Stitches
Ashley Leither
(C) Fringe Connection
Molly Andries
Weights, Gauge & Skeins:
a Guide to Selecting Yarn

Kelli Ladwig & Lisa Smith
(W) Weaving a Tri-Loom Quilt
Charlotte DesRoches
Local & Regional Teachers   (O) Needle Felting
Sony Hartley
(S) Spinning Cotton - Leef Bloomenstiel (K/C)
Rags to Yarn
Misty Urech
(W) Beginning Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Leef Bloomenstiel