Braid to Scarf Competition

Clemes & Clemes

Braid to Scarf competition
provided by Clemes & Clemes

April 7, 2019

The DFW Fiber Fest Fiberatory will be hosting the 2nd Annual DFW Fiber Fest Braid to Scarf Competition.  We are challenging teams of our spinners and weavers to compete for CASH prizes.

Prizes include:
First place team:  $300
Second place team:  $225
Third place team:  $150

The competition will be held, Sunday, April 7 from 10:00 am to 1:15 pm in the Fiberatory within the DFW Fiber Fest vendor hall.  All vendor hall attendees will be able to watch and cheer for their favorite team.

Teams of three people — one weaver and 2 spinners — will create a 8" by 68" scarf, spinning all the yarn for the weft and weaving it on a pre-warped rigid heddle loom in just 3 hours.  The weaver will also be allowed to spin until the weaving begins if the team desires.  We reserve the right to limit the number of teams due to the limited space available.

Teams will be responsible for bringing their own fiber and equipment.  Please bring your own electrical cords for any type of device requiring electricity.  Teams will be allowed into the Vendor Hall at 9:30 am (before the Hall opens) on Sunday to allow for setup in the Fiberatory.

Each team is encouraged to have a theme for their team, and each team will be responsible for designing a poster, detailing the following:

Team information
names of team members
theme details
any other pertinent information about the team you wish to share
what inspired you to make this particular scarf — color selection, pattern, etc.
Technical information
equipment used
weaving pattern / strategy
fiber used
spinning techniques
fiber processing methods, if any

Teams are encouraged to check out the list of vendors at DFW Fiber Fest and incorporate their materials into your scarf.

Looms should be able to have at least an 8-inch on-the-loom width.  Any rigid heddle loom is acceptable.  Four-harness table looms are not allowed.  Looms are to be pre-warped with yarn to make a scarf at least 68 inches long.

All spinning wheels and spinning equipment are allowed, including motorized spinners and electric drum carders.  Tools can include (but are not limited to) carders, combs, drum carders, flickers, carding boards, and hackles.  Since teams are to start with ready-made braids, equipment in addition to spinning wheels should not be required, but will be allowed if desired.

All types of fiber are allowed as long as it is a commercial braided roving or top.  This includes (but is not limited to) wool, mohair, alpaca, llama, flax, hemp, silk, milk protein, rayon, nylon, angelina, soy protein, camel, bison, opossum, milkweed, paper, dryer lint . . . you get the idea.

All types of woven fabric are accepted.  There is no restriction on warp or weft yarn size.  Anything goes, be creative!  That being said, judges will take into consideration the pattern, yarn, and overall aesthetic result.

Teams that wish to compete must register online using this link:  Team Application

Judging Criteria

Teams will be judged based on the following point-based criteria.  The teams will be placed upon completion of the competition according to the overall accumulation of points (including and bonuses or deductions):

Team sign/poster
presentation of team and project information (up to 5 points)
quality of preparation (in relation to technique)(up to 5 points)
overall consistency (up to 5 points)
advanced techniques (up to 10 points)
design (up to 10 points)
consistency of edges (up to 5 points)
evenness of edges (up to 5 points)
evenness of beating (up to 5 points)
first finished (4 points)
second finished (3 points)
third finished (2 points)
Point deduction
less than 68 inches long off loom (15 points DEDUCTED)
less than 8 inches wide off loom (15 points DEDUCTED)
Bonus points
fringe (up to 5 BONUS points)
use of product from DFW Fiber Fest vendor (10 BONUS points)
    - proof of sale required on competition day to gain points
    - sale does not have to take place at DFW Fiber Fest

The Judges' decision will be final.  Awards will be made immediately after the completion of the contest.